Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Blues-I Have No Plan

This weekend is the first time all winter I have been able to tend to the Bistro. There are so many areas to infuse my creativity I get overwhelmed on where to start!

In November I put in about 200 bulbs along the back fence. Peonies, tulips, allums and daffodils are beginning to surface.
Some other ornamental "experiments" include Brugmansia cuttings, succulent transplants and repots.

One thing I do know- since most of the soil is clay-based and needs a lot of ammendment for growing edibles, I did decide to make most of the backyard ornamental. Also, the wood along the north side fence is chemically treated so it isn't compatible for edibles anyways. With those two facts in mind, I will be doing most everything else in pots.

The photos include some transplants and new succulent cuttings in containers. I chose to convert the birdbath to a planter since all it collected was pine needles and algae over the years. Lol!

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  1. You are my hero (heroine) here with the birdbath - I've been eyeing our soggy messy one too and wishing for succulents as we have a love of succulents...maybe now I'll get about the business of doing it!