Monday, August 27, 2012

Late August Harvest

So there were a few casualties during mid-summer: the wyatt pumpkin (upper left corner), lemon cucumbers (center in pail) and strawberries (not pictured because they were consumed right off the plants). I say they are casualties because the root systems failed due to operator error :-/. One was uprooted accidentally and the other wasn't transplanted from pot to ground in time. Lessons learned- mark plants AND include dates they went into the ground!


  1. Brandy helped me to get into gardening in the first place... I'd always loved house plants - but as we became close - I started to see how she took on more and more gardening projects, flowers of all kinds, veggies in her yard... it inspired me to try - because I felt I could grow things too. I always got a kick out of seeing the sprouts come up after planting seeds. Brandy always encouraged me to try planting more, utilizing organic methods, and eating home grown.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Tammy Nelson

  2. "Your garden is absolutely awesome! I am so impressed with your abilities - and more importantly with the community garden you've created on Chabot Terrace. I've learned so much from sharing our ideas, seeds, cuttings, starts, and transplants. Plus I've loved sharing some of the produce with you - the strawberries, corn, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, flowers - and let's not forget the zucchini!

    Keep it up. It's good for the family, good for neighborhood, and good for the soul!"

    Janet Telford

  3. Thank you for your inspiration - your ability to just make things grow, the abundance with which you share what you have (which applies to your produce and your ideas!), whether it's an Indian cooking class or just to build community. Your enthusiasm for all things edible and hands-on is contagious!

  4. From neighbor, Sally Campbell:
    "I live next door and thoroughly enjoy the garden! Brandy has different things blooming and growing throughout the seasons and it is always fun to enter the cul de sec to see what is new. Also fun to watch Brandy teaching the neighborhood kids about gardening and to see their joy at discovering they can actually grow things."