Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now, For That Backyard Business

After establishing the summer front yard garden we decided to put a little creative energy into the backyard. Our little garden buddy, Deesel, passed away in July and I gotta say it was the saddest summer ever. However, the designated "dog area" became the new landscape canvas for my green thumb. Out of gratitude for all the joy he brought to our family over the past ten years I decide to transform "his space" into a living space for all to enjoy in the present.
That being said, we named it "The Backyard Bistro". On a very modest budget, my challenge was to design an open-air modular space with mostly container plants under three huge pine trees from neighbor's yard.
With Jake's incredibly handy, no, magical skills and a few helpful friends (Devin, Chris, Jason and Neil) we were able to move earth, remove privot, build vegetable and ornamentals bed along fence, install outdoor "room", with sails, carpet, lighting and fountain.
I am so inspired that I decided this is the process I have chosen to unleash my creative energy. Now I am an official believer in horticultural therapy: The process of connecting plants and people...building gratitude one seed at a time.

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