Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Wish Come True

I just wanted to make some progress this weekend. So Jake took us to a garden store to pick out a few final plants. The kids all got to choose something to contribute (that is another post all together).

To be in the so rewarding! Jake revived the strawberry survivors by weeding and building them up in mounds. During that process we discovered three healthy volunteer tomato plants hiding in the front strawberry section. They were moved to the back yard where Lance decided to begin his first photo-journal session of his own garden. Hilariously creative I might add.

What was installed today?
The last of the bottles for borders. Until more donations come in, that is.

Various 4" potted herbs
(parsley, thyme, chives, savory, sorrel, chamomile)
Fennel and chive seed
4 cantaloupe plants
2 watermelon plants
2 green pepper plants

Here is the technique for installing bottles. Materials required: bottle, mini sledge and a chunk of wood to keep the glass from shattering.

The cilantro and parsley have filled in at the base of the sunflowers.

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