Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do in February?!!? Plan!!

Well, it has been a slow going winter. Grew nothin' but weeds and a few herbs. But my urge to dig is growing. The discouraging part of it all - I still have nothing but crab grass over taking the front yard garden. So, back to the drawing board. First, I need to decide what I want to have this year. I did pick up some grape and raspberry canes! $5 each at Summer Winds Nursery. They won't go into the ground until it warms up a bit. This gives me some time to do a bit of research and it will be another experiment for our family since we have soooooo many squirrels and birds around here - those fruits may not make it to the table :))

Thanks to the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara, we have a link for you too. What are you doing in February?

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